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FAQs - CybSecureTS

1. What is CybSecureTS?
CybSecureTS is an Internet Filtering and Application Blocking tool for Windows Terminal Servers. The new version also supports stand alone workstations including Win7, WinVista, WinXP and Win2000.
2. How do I install CybSecureTS?
    Download the Installer from the website Extract the contents to a folder. Run the Installer and follow the instructions.
3. Can I install CybSecureTS in other windows versions beyond Terminal Server Versions?
Yes. The new version of CybSecureTS supports Windows Terminal Server versions including Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server & Windows 2008 Server and stand alone workstations including Windows 7.
4. Does CybsecureTS support 64-bit Operating Systems?
Yes. The new version of CybSecureTS supports 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems. It filters x86 and x64 browsers and applications.
5. What is Single User Mode and All User Mode in CybSecureTS?

Single User Mode allows control over each and every User logged on to the Terminal Server Network. Individual settings can be applied on each user.


All User Mode allows control over all the users, regardless of which user has logged in. Only one settings can be applied and this setting will be applicable for all the users that are logged in.

6. How do I add new Users to CybSecureTS in Single User Mode?
    Select "Manage Users" from the CybSecureTS application interface. Type the name of the account to be included under "Username" Textbox and simply click "Add".
7. What is the default password for CybSecureTS?
The default password for CybSecureTS is 'Password' without the single quotes. Passwords are case sensitive.
8. Will CybSecureTS work for all Windows Operating Systems?
CybSecureTS work for only Windows Terminal Servers. It supports Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server. It will work for all thin clients that can be connected to Windows Terminal Servers.
9. How do I disable CybSecureTS temporarily?
You can disable CybSecureTS filtering features fully or partially. There are different approches to accomplish this.

To disable CybSecureTS fully, you may use the Un-Register filters option. There are Disable/Enable options available with each of the features of CybSecureTS which will disable or enable each of the features specific to users. You can also bypass applications from filtering by adding them to the bypass list.
10. Do you need to install CybSecureTS on thin clients?
No, there is no need to install CybSecureTS on the thin clients. You may need to install CybSecureTS only to the Windows Terminal Server that services the thin clients.
11. Can I instantly change between the Modes?
 Yes, the filtering based on the mode changes between 'Single User Mode' and 'All User Mode' will be applied instantly.
12. How does the Blacklist and Whitelist work?
The blacklist work when the Internet is turned ON, ie; when the Internet is turned ON, all websites, except those given in the Blacklist are accessible. Similarly, when the Internet is turned OFF, all websites except those given in the Whitelist are NOT accessible.
13. I’m accessing the internet through a different port other than the default port 80. How can I apply internet blocking in such a case?
Say for example, if you are accessing the internet through port 8080, do the below. Select ‘Port Filter’ Tab >Select ‘HTTP Filter’ from combo box >Select ‘HTTP’ from combo box >Add 8080 in the port box >Press ‘Add’ button to add the item to the list. This will enable you to apply HTTP Filtering in port 8080 as well.
14. Can I block torrents?
Yes, you can block torrents by providing .torrent extension to the file filter. You can alternately use the EXE blocker or Window Blocker to block torrent client applications in your computer. Similarly, you can block any file types by adding their extension to the file filter.
15. Can I block downloading of movies or other unwanted files?
Yes, you can block downloading of movies or any other unwanted files using the File Filter feature of CybSecureTS. Add the extensions like .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .flv, .mov, .wmv etc to the file filter to block downloading of movies. Similarly, adding .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png etc to the file filter to block images. Only the images will be blocked, the site content won’t get blocked. This is a very helpful utility which will save much of your bandwidth usage even while you can allow users to view website contents.
16. Can I allow Internet access during certain times of the day/month?
Yes, you can use the Internet Access Scheduler to allow internet access during certain times of a day/month. Also please keep in mind that the, during the internet allowed time policies are still enforced using the blacklist.
17. How is SMTP & POP3 filter works as Email filters?
SMTP Filtering is used to restrict Users from sending emails to a particular domain. POP3 Filtering is used to block the Users from receiving emails from any particular domain. Examples for domains:,
18. What name should I add to the EXE blocker list to block an application?
    You have to provide the Original Filename of the EXE to block an application. You can get the Original Filename of an EXE by, right click on the EXE >Properties >Version Tab >Original Filename. Alternatively you can browse for the exe from the EXE blocker window in the Console and point to the EXE that you want to block. This will automatically fetch the Original Filename.
19. How can I block an EXE that doesn’t have an Original Filename?
    Some EXE’s don’t have an original file name attached to it. In that case, CybSecureTS takes it’s internal filename. If internal filename is also not present, it will take the Product Name and if the Product Name is also not available, it will take the exe name. Please note that you have to provide the Original Filename/Internal Filename/Product Name as such (as it is with any trailing or leading spaces) to block an application using the EXE blocker.
20. How does the Window Blocker work?
A window blocker looks for an occurrence of blocked window names in the opened window titles and blocks the application if it finds a match.
21. Which is better, EXE blocker or Window Blocker?
    It depends on your need. Sometimes, EXE blocker is good as it blocks an application even at the time of initialization. Window Blocker blocks an application based on the Window Title and when the Window is created. Window Blocker may be user friendly than EXE blocker as the Window Title is easily understandable for the user.
22. What is copy settings used for?
Copy settings helps you to copy the selected settings from one user to any other users.
23. How fast is CybSecureTS Internet Filter?
We have tested CybSecureTS with 1,000,000 Black List URLs and it's pretty fast.
24. Is the licensing done for number of Users or number of Computers?
That depends on your mode of operation. Please drop us an email to [email protected] for further queries.

If you run CybSecureTS under the 'All User Mode', you may require to purchase only one license per Computer for any number of users login to that Computer, even if it is a Terminal Server or Workstation. Same settings will be applied for all the users.

If you run CybSecureTS under 'Singe User Mode', you may require to purchase the number of licenses equal to the maximum number of users you want to control. Different individual settings can be applied for each user.
25. What are the limitations for the evaluation version?
Evaluation version is a fully functional version with all the features enabled. You can control a maximum of 50 User Accounts in an evaluation version of CybSecureTS. It's limited to run for 30 days, run it beyond requires license key.
26. How do you uninstall CybSecureTS?
    You can uninstall the software from the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. An uninstaller shortcut is also available from the Windows Start menu groups.
27. How can I purchase CybSecureTS?
    You can purchase CybSecureTS online through our website.

Purchase CybSecureTS Online

Please drop us an email to [email protected] to find other various options available to purchase the software or click on the following link. Other Payment Options

28. How do I register the software?
    Once the purchase is verified, a license key will be sent to you to your email that you provide during the purchase process. You can apply the license key information in the Register dialog box to register the software.
29. I could not find answer to my query in the above list?
Please drop us an email to [email protected], we will reply to your query as early as we can.
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