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 REMOTESYSINFO - Get To Know Your Network Computers Better!


RemoteSysInfo collects comprehensive system hardware and software information from a local or remote computer. RemoteSysInfo can be used for network computer inventory, auditing and diagnostic purposes. It can list out all the hardware devices and software that are installed in a computer with the very minute details about each device.

New Version 4.0.4004

The hardware information report categories includes Input Devices, Mass Storage Devices, Motherboard, Controllers, Ports, Networking Devices, Power Devices, Printing Devices, Telephony, Video & Monitor and Cooling Device.


Software information include the Drivers, COM, Desktop Information, File System Information, Memory and Page Files, Multimedia Related Information, Network Drivers, Detailed Operating System Settings Information, Processes, Threads, Registry, Services, Shares, Start Menu, Event Log, Windows Product Information, list of Installed Software Products etc.


You can view the System Summary of a computer, which reports the general profile of the computer of your choice.


RemoteSysInfo supports a wide range of Windows versions from the old Windows 9x to the latest Windows Vista & Windows 7. It supports 32-bit and 64 bit versions of Windows operating systems.

RemoteSysInfo Screenshots
Key Benefits Key Features
Free e-mail support View comprehensive software & hardware information.
One year free upgrade & maintenance Full customization of the reports.
Secure online purchase Exporting & Printing of reports for future references
No need to install client software Complete System Reporting in a few clicks
Complete network report on a single click Tabular view of reports. Add, Edit and Customize Reports.
Supports 32-bit & 64-bit Vista, XP & Windows 7 Remote Task Manager & Remote Service Control Manager
  Boot Computer Through Wake-ON-LAN

With RemoteSysInfo you can export the detailed report that you view and save to a file and take a print out of it for later references for system auditing & system diagnostics purposes.

RemoteSysInfo works with all versions of Windows. RemoteSysInfo works on Workstations, Laptops & Servers. It is location independent. It works in LAN, WAN, Mobile and remote users behind NAT and Firewalls. It is robust, reliable & comprehensive. It is recommended for all users who wish to know more about their computer internals. It's a MUST tool for network administrators and hardware engineers.



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