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November 15, 2009

CybSecureTS 1.5.500 New Release.


New Features,

  • Internet Filtering with Whitelist and Blacklist.

  • Works for Windows Terminal Server, with any thin clients Windows based or Linux based.

  • Application blocking with EXE and Window blocking.

  • Port Blocking, Port Filtering.

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Internet Scheduler.

  • Support for Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 server operating systems.

  • Email filtering, SMTP filtering, POP3 filtering.


November 13, 2009

RemoteRegistryCleaner 1.2.251 Updated Release.


New Features,

  • System Tray addition.

  • Backup System warning message.

  • Updated log files.


November 01, 2009

RemoteRegistryCleaner 1.2.250 Update Released.


Bug Fixes,

  • Interface enhancements.

  • Bug fixing of a few known bugs.

  • East Asian culture bug fixes.

  • License key modifications.


October 02, 2009

RemoteSysInfo 3.3.3302 Minor Update Released.


Bug Fixes,

  • RemoteSysInfo crashes while scanning without selecting any PCs from the list. This bug is fixed.

  • Interface enhancement in the Customize Reports dialog.


September 10, 2009

IPToCountry 1.2.200 Update Released.



  • Updated the IPToCountry database to the latest version.

  • Small interface changes.


August 24, 2009

RemoteSysInfo 3.3.3301 Minor Update Released.


Bug Fixes,

  • Bug with Service Start Mode is fixed.

  • Unlimited hang while connecting to an un-available computer. Fixed this bug.


August 17, 2009

RemoteRegistryCleaner 1.0(Beta 2) released.


Unique Features,

  • World's first Registry Cleaner that works for local and network computers.

  • Remotely scans network computer's registry and fixes issues.

  • Scans for unwanted and  unused files in network PCs and deletes them.

  • Automatically takes a registry backup before fixing issues.

  • System Restore points can be created on Remote PCs before fixing remote registry.

  • Fast scanning option for slower network scans, for example Wi-Fi LANs.


August 03, 2009

RemoteSysInfo Version 3.3 Build 3300 released.


New Features,

  • New Auditing features, included tabular view of reports in the Customized Section.

  • Tabular Reports are fully customizable.

  • Tabular reports are exportable to all available formats through the Quick Export feature.

  • Previously scanned values are permanently stored and you can take reports at any time even if the computer is offline.

  • One can choose the computers and properties of desired choice and scan for the data.

  • Tabular Report Toolbar is added.

  • Toolbars for Power, Remote Task Manager, Remote Service Manger.

  • Booting the remote computer using Wake-ON-LAN.

  • Saving last collapsed items in the left pane.

  • An error that happens while the network is disabled and when "Browse" button in the Manage Computers window is pressed, is avoided (bug fix).


June 15, 2009

RemoteSysInfo Version 3.2 Build 3200 released.


New Features,

  • Addition of export formats, .CSV (Comma Separated), .TXT (Limited Width Printer Friendly)

  • All formats are import friendly to EXCEL, Databases etc.

  • Customized Reports, Listing of Installed Software, Listing of Complaint Devices.

  • Software Licensing and Software Assessment Tool for Vista above computers.

  • Some accuracy bugs in data corrected.

  • Basic level added to the existing medium, advanced and very advanced.

  • Exporting network report (multiple computer report) to a single file.

  • Remembering earlier chosen report options in Full Export.


June 1, 2009

RemoteSysInfo Version 3.2 Beta 2 is available for download. New features include customized reports like listing of problem devices, listing of installed software etc. Exporting reports to text format is another new feature. Vista specific new features include Software Licensing and Software Assessment Tool.


May 15, 2009

WorkMoment released RemoteSysInfo Version 3.1.


New Features,

  • Remote Task Manager, kill a remote process.

  • Remote Service Manager - Start, Stop, Pause or Resume Service, can set the service start mode.

  • Shutdown and Reboot Remote Systems

  • Exporting complete network report on a single click.


April 06, 2009

WorkMoment Software Solutions is glad to announce the release of RemoteSysInfo Version 3.0 for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


March 16, 2009

WorkMoment released IPToCountry, a free tool to find out the geographical location (country of origin) of an IP address based on internet infrastructure information.

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