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In short, the Template Printer integrates your data with your designs.

The design could be made in any software, including the Template Printer. And the data that is to be printed in the design can be loaded by the Template Printer to print it properly in the design.

In othe words, the design could be from one software and the data could be from a different source & the Template Printer brings them together to print them properly.

Sample template & data integration include but not limited to, business cards, wedding invitations, party invitations, mark sheets, employee id cards, bank checks/cheques, item bar codes, bakery item labels etc.

The main features include,

  • Integrating data with design.
  • Design any templates.
  • Load data to print the designed templates.
  • Load data from Excel or from existing business databases.
  • Preview before your print.
  • Add, edit and print directly.

Once you install the software, do the following

  • Add a new template, set its width and height.
  • Start designing the template using the various tools available.
  • Once template designing is finished, decide a method to load the data using the various options available.
  • Print the template and preview before you start printing.

All length or height or breadth units measurements are to be provided in millimeters (mm). The software will automatically convert them to pixels for rendering.

Millimeters (mm).

Click on the Templates tool button to open the Templates window. In the Templates window, provide a template code, template name and the width & height of the template in millimeters.


Once a new template is created, click on the Template Design tool button to start designing the newly created template. Choose the right template from the combo box available in the Template Design dialog box. Now you can click on the various controls (labels, lines, rectangles etc.) available and drag and drop them with in the draw-able area to the necessary measurements and place them in the proper positions.

The various controls include labels(static & variable), lines, rectangles, ellipses, images and bar code. With these many controls you can pretty much design all most all forms. Variable controls(labels) can be used for dynamic data loading by different methods.

Yes, you can easily print multiple reports (of the same design) in the same page.

Template Window>Reports per Row/Reports per Column

The default password for Template Printer is empty string. Keep the password box empty and click on OK will get you into the password protected screens.

Yes, you can password protect the design related screens of Template Printer.

Template Printer can be purchased under Personal or Commercial license scheme. Personal license is meant for personal purposes, while the commercial license is meant for organizational purposes.

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