• Totally Block Internet
  • Fully remote control
  • P2P blocking
  • Easy to implement
  • Block movie downloads
  • Easy deployment
  • Chat blocking
  • Newsgroup blocking
  • Password protection
  • Zero surfing time impact
  • Block social networking sites
  • Schedules Applications
  • Schedules shutdown & boot
  • Includes Parental controls
  • Supports large networks
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Saves energy
  • Anywhere management
Welcome Year 2009!    Introducing CybSecure - Internet And Application Security Tool For Your Network.
  • For small, medium and large enterprises, to save productive time of employees and to protect data.
  • For schools & colleges, to let students concentrate on studies by preventing them from entering unwanted sites and by blocking games.
  • Supports stand-alone installation for home use for parents to prevent kids fall prey to internet abusers.

Key Features


Key Benefits

Internet ON/OFF


  • Instantaneous Blocking/Unblocking.

Internet Filter


  • Enable blacklist when internet is ON.

  • Enable whitelist when internet is OFF.

Application Blocking

  •  Block Games, Instant Messengers, Peer-To-Peer applications.

  •  Ensures more productive work time.

Email Filtering

  • Protects computers against email threats.

  • Block forwarded messages, thereby saving bandwidth and time.

Port Blocking

  • Protects system hacking attempts through open ports.

  • Double protection against use of Kazza, IM's, Internet Games etc.

File Filter

  • Saves bandwidth and prevents possible security threats by blocking downloads of movies, executables, zip files, torrents etc.

Internet Scheduler

  • Allow internet access at preferred times, for instance lunch/tea time.

EXE Blocker

  • Block Games, IM's, Kazza, Torrent Clients or any type of executable files.

Window Blocker

  • Block applications by title name.

USB/CD/DVD/Floppy Locking

  • Prevent data stealing.

  • Prevent threats from outside world through removable storage devices.

  • Locks thumb drives, iPods, Camera etc.

Remote Deployment

  • Easy deployment of the clients from your desktop.

Hierarchical Organizational Representation

  • Represents your organizations hierarchy in a tree view.

  • Easy to manage.

Different Manager Level Access Rights

  • Apply different manager level policies.

Remote Control

  • Total remote access.

No Dedicated Servers Required

  • Dedicated server computers that are running all the time are NOT required.

  • Control employee policies outside your network, for eg: in laptops.



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