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FAQs - RemoteSysInfo

1. What is RemoteSysInfo?
RemoteSysInfo is a tool for gathering hardware and software information from a local or remote computer.
2. How do you connect to a remote computer from RemoteSysInfo?
    Click on File>Manager Computers menu. This will present you with a "Manage Computers" dialog box. Add / Browse the desired Computers to the list with their corresponding administrator user name and password.

Later close the dialog to come back to the main dialog and choose the computer you want to connect to from the Computers combo box list.

3. How do you connect to a local computer from RemoteSysInfo?
In the "Manage Computers" dialog, add a computer by the name LOCALHOST or LOOPBACK or the NETBIOS computer name itself. Select the above given name in the main dialog box and you are connected to the local computer.
4. I'm presented with an "Access denied" error message when I connect to a remote computer. Why is it so?
    Please check the user name & password that you have provided are correct. You must provide a username and password with essential privileges to connect to a remote computer to gather the information. Quick check the following.
  • Check if the firewall is allowed to bypass WMI.
  • Check if remote WMI access is allowed in the Group Policy Editor.
  • Check if the WMI service is running in the remote computer.
  • In Vista above machines, you may have to disable the UAC to enable remote access.

Refer WMI Troubleshooting steps for more information.

5. My remote PC is not protected with a password. How can I connect to this computer?
    You cannot connect to a remote computer if it is not protected with a password. Provide a new password for the computer and try again.
6. How do I add new computers to RemoteSysInfo?
Go to Manage Computers from File>Manage Computers. Provide a common administrator user name and password in the corresponding boxes. Click on the "Browse..." button. This will list out all the computers in your network. One can add new computers manually by providing the computer name in the box provided and by pressing the 'Add' button.

Note: If there are more computers in your network than the number of licenses you have registered for, only the first licensed number of computers will be listed out.

One can edit the User Name or Password of each of the individual computers by clicking on the corresponding boxes provided.

7. How many computers can I add to an evaluation version of RemoteSysInfo?
You can add up to a total of 10 computers to the PC list during the evaluation period. When you click the Browse button in Manage Computers dialog box, the first 10 computers in your network will be added to the computers list.
8. Which all exporting formats are currently available for RemoteSysInfo?
You can export to limited width text file format, comma separated value (.CSV) format and to HTML format in the present version of RemoteSysInfo. All these reports can easily be imported to an Excel Style Sheet file (.xls) or to an access database (.mdb) or to any other desired formats.
9. Can I connect to a remote PC running on Windows Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled in it?
Yes you can, provided you change a setting in the registry of the Vista PC to enable this. Open Regedit.exe, open the location HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system, add the DWORD value name LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy, and set it's value to 1.

Refer WMI Troubleshooting UAC and WMI steps for more information.

10. Can I gather the information from all the computers in my network simultaneously?
Yes, you can gather the desired amount of information from the desired list of computers either to a single file or to one file per computer and in the desired format. It is that simple!
11. Can I get the list of installed software or products from a remote computer using RemoteSysInfo?
Yes, you can retrieve the information of all the installed software from a remote PC using RemoteSysInfo.
12. How can I get a printable report of all the problematic devices in my network?
In the Full Export dialog, tick the PCs you want to get the information from, from the left pane. Then, from the right pane tick the 'Customized>Problem Devices'. Choose the 'Single File' report option. Choose the desired format. Click on 'Export Selected' button and provide the file name, and that is it.
13. What does Remote Task Manager in RemoteSysInfo do?
Remote Task Manager monitors the running processes of a remote PC in real time. You can terminate a process by right clicking on the process and choosing the 'Kill Process' option.
14. What does Remote Service Manager in RemoteSysInfo do?
    Together with monitoring the services of a remote PC, Remote Service Manager helps you manage the services. By right clicking a service you can Start or Stop or Pause a service running in the network PC. You can also change the start-up mode of the service.
15. How can I export computer information reports?
    There are 2 options available to exports the reports to a file, Quick Export and Full Export. You can use either of these features to export the reports to a file.

In Full Export reporting option, you can select the hardware or software item of your interest to export the information to a file. All the information of a computer can be exported to an html, comma separated or text file file format on a single mouse click.

16. How fast is RemoteSysInfo?
RemoteSysInfo is usually very fast. However there could be many factors that affect the speed of information gathering using RemoteSysInfo like your network speed (for e.g.:- Wired LAN is much faster than Wireless LAN), the amount of information you gather, the OS, Processor and Memory power of the remote computer etc.
17. How is RemoteSysInfo licensed?
    Licensing is based on the number of computers from which you want to gather the information. You may not distribute the license or licensed copy. You have to purchase a license for each copies of RemoteSysInfo. Any number of users are free to use the licensed copy on a computer.
18. What are the limitations for the evaluation version?
    Evaluation version may contain some non-informative texts in your exported reports. Evaluation version also doesn't support Advanced and Very Advanced level selection. You can gather information from up to 25 computers in an evaluation version of RemoteSysInfo. It's limited to run for 30 days only.
19. How do you uninstall RemoteSysInfo?
    You can uninstall the software from the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. An uninstaller shortcut is also available from the Windows Start menu groups.
20. How can I purchase RemoteSysInfo?
    You can purchase RemoteSysInfo online through our website.

Purchase RemoteSysInfo Online

You can send us an email to [email protected] to find other various options available to purchase the software or click on the following link.

Other Payment Options

21. How do I register the software?
    Once the purchase is verified, a license key will be sent to you to the email id you have provided during the purchase process. You can apply the license key information in the Register dialog box to register the software.
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