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FEATURES - RemoteSysInfo


Key Features

  • Retrieve remote and local system information.

  • Permanently store scanned information.

  • Works in Online and Offline mode.

  • Choose the properties to be displayed.

  • Comprehensive hardware and software information.

  • Export the information retrieved to a file.

  • Quick Export and Full Export options.

  • All data wisely formatted.

  • Simple, easy to use and straight forward tool, can be easily managed by non technical staffs.

  • Basic, Medium, Advanced and Very Advanced information options.

  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems, viz., 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows7.

  • Complete system report in a few clicks.

  • Supports 64-bit & 32-bit versions of Windows.

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 support.

  • IP version 6 support.

  • Remote Task Manager & Remote Service Control Manager.

  • Reports of all computers in a network on a single click.

  • List out Universally Unique Identifier and Model Number of the computer.

  • Gathers Processor ID, OS Serial Number, Motherboard Serial Number, BIOS & Hard Disk Serial Numbers.

  • Complete customization of reports.

RemoteSysInfo - Computer Information, Inventory Tool

Download Network Inventory Software


Hardware Information Include

  • Input Device

    • Keyboard

    • Pointing Device

  • Mass Storage

    • CD ROM/DVD Info

    • Disk Drive Info

    • Floppy Drive

    • Tape Drive

  • Motherboard, Controller & Port

    • 1394 Controller Info

    • Base Board Info

    • BIOS Info

    • Bus Info

    • Cache Memory Info

    • Device Memory Address (DMA) Info

    • DMA Channel Info

    • Floppy Disk Controller

    • IDE Controller

    • Infrared Device

    • IRQ Resource

    • Memory Array

    • Memory Device

    • Motherboard Device

    • On Board Device

    • Parallel Port

    • PCMCIA Controller

    • Physical Memory

    • Physical Memory Array

    • PNP Device

    • Port Connector

    • Port Resource

    • Processor

    • SCSI Controller

    • Serial Port

    • Serial Port Configuration

    • SMBIOS Memory

    • Sound Device

    • System Memory Resource

    • System Slot

    • USB Controller

    • USB Hub

  • Networking Device

    • Network Adapter

    • Network Adapter Configuration

  • Power

    • Battery

    • Portable Battery

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Printing

    • Printer

    • Printer Configuration

    • Print Job

    • TCP/IP Printer Port

  • Telephony

    • Modem

  • Video & Monitor

    • Desktop Monitor

    • Display Configuration

    • Display Controller Configuration

    • Video Controller

    • All Possible Resolutions

  • Cooling Device

    • Fan

    • Heat Pipe

    • Refrigeration



Software Information Include

  • COM Info

    • COM Application

    • Component Category

    • DCOM Application

    • DCOM Application Setting

  • Desktop Info

    • Desktop

    • Environment

    • Time Zone

  • Drivers Info

    • Driver VXD

    • System Driver

  • File System Info

    • Disk Partition

    • Quota Setting

  • Memory & Page Files Info

    • Logical Memory Configuration

    • Page File

    • Page File Setting

    • Page File Usage

  • Multimedia Audio/Visual Info

    • Codec File

  • Networking Info

    • Active Route

    • IP4 Persisted Route Table

    • IP4 Route Table

    • IP4 Route Table Event

    • Network Client

    • Network Connection

    • Network Protocol

    • NT Domain

    • Ping Status

  • Operating System Settings

    • Boot Configuration

    • Computer System

    • Computer System Product

    • Load Order Group

    • Operating System

    • OS Recovery Configuration

    • Quick Fix Engineering

    • Startup Command

  • Processes Info

    • Process

    • Process Startup

    • Thread

  • Registry Info

    • Registry

  • Scheduler Jobs

    • Current Time

    • Scheduled Job

  • Services Info

    • Base Service

    • Service

  • Shares

    • Server Connection

    • Server Session

    • Share

  • Start Menu

    • Logical Program Group

    • Logical Program Group Item

    • Program Group

    • Program Group Or Item

  • Users

    • Account

    • Group

    • Group In Domain

    • Logon Session

    • Logon Session Mapped Disk

    • Network Login Profile

    • System Account

    • User Account

    • User In Domain

  • Windows NT Event Log

    • NT Eventlog File

  • Windows Product Activation

    • Proxy

    • Windows Product Activation

  • Installed Software Product List



Security Center Information Include

  • Anti Spyware Product Info

  • Anti Virus Product Info

  • Firewall Product Information



Real Time Tracking Section Include

  • Remote Task Manager

  • Remote Service Manager

Remote Task Manager list out all the currently running processes. It automatically update the records in every 5 seconds interval. Use the Task Manager tool bar section to kill any of the running processes in the remote PC of your choice.


Remote Service Manager list out the services installed on the network computer. It update the records in every 20 seconds interval. One can use the Service Manager tool bar section to do operations on any remote service. You can Start, Stop, Pause or Resume a service. Can also set the service start mode to Automatic, Manual or Disabled using the Service Manager tool bar section.




Customized Section Include

  • Installed Software Products in Remote Computer

  • Problematic Devices in Remote Computer

Installed Software list all the software installed in the network PC with it's Name, Vendor Name, Version Number, Installed Location/Path, Installed Date and Installed Size information.


Problem Devices lists the non-functional devices on a remote computer with it's all available data and the reason for failure.




Licensing Section Include

  • Software Licensing Product

  • Software Licensing Service

These features are supported by Windows Vista Operating System onwards only.




Tabular Reports Section


Under the Tabular Report Section, one can create and customize new reports according to their selection.


Step1: Create a new report by clicking on 'Add New Report' tool button in the tool bar.

Step2: Rename the report by selecting the report and pressing the key F2.

Step3: Customize the report by pressing the 'Customize Report' tool button.

Step4: In the Customize Report Window, one can choose the computers of their choice and the features that are to be reported for the chosen report type.

Step5: 'Tick' the computers that are to be scanned for the latest data and press the 'Scan' button to scan for the data.


Please note that you cannot choose more than 150 properties for a single tabular report.



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